Upcoming Training Opportunities!


Content-Area Studies to Build Academic Language Proficiency

Monday and Tuesday, January 29-30
Location: Whittier Union High School District
Time: 8 AM to 3 PM with optional coaching from 3 to 4 PM
Coffee and Lunch Included
$275 per person
Student Teacher/Retired Discount available – email me at tinahargaden, which is a gmail address.

* Strategies to build background knowledge and academic language development: Gallery Walks, Big Books, Exploration Reports, Picture Sorts

* Strategies to provide visually-supported academic language input: Content-area Movie Talks, Picture Walks, Pictorial Input Charts, Comparison Input Charts, Narrative Input Charts, Picture Stories, Academic Show and Tell, Academic TPR

* Strategies to build reading proficiency: Write and Discuss, Reading Options, Free-Chice Reading Time, Word/Sentence Sorts, Running Dictation, Anticipation Guides

* Strategies to build speaking proficiency: Chants, Read the Walls, Process Grid, Ear-to-Ear Reading, Sentence Patterning Chart, Think-Pair-Jot-Share, Connect Two, Give One-Get One-Move On, Inside-Outside Circle, Stand and Share, Snowball Fight

* Strategies to build writing proficiency: Dictée, Cooperative Strip Paragraph, Paragraph Frames, Essay Frames, Found Poetry, Journal writing, Writing Workshop

* Strategies to build accuracy in language use: Written Input Flood, Noticing Activities, What’s That Grammar Rule?, Class-Created Editing Charts/Rubric

* Strategies to Build Community: Small Talk, Academic Card Talk, Word Chunk Team Game, Town Meeting

* Unit design: Focus and Motivation, Input, Guided Oral Practice, Literacy

* Assessment: Assessing/Grading Free Reading, Portfolios and Daily Content-Knowledge Assessments