Series: World Language Thought Leaders Share Their Story

World Language Thought Leaders Share Their Story

Ever wonder how the bloggers and presenters and writers that inspire us and push the profession forward got their start?

Ever wonder how they make it look so easy, when it seems like such a crazy-hot mess in your classroom?  Ever wonder what they did to stick it out, to make a shift, to smooth out the wrinkles, to get back up after falling down?  Ever wonder what keeps them going?  What got them started in the first place?  And what they did to get to the professional practice that they have now?

I wondered that too.  So, I reached out to a bunch of people and asked them to share their story with me, so I can pass it along to you.  This idea got started when Amy Mecher was out here in Portland and we made these videos to share our stories.

Amy’s Story

My Story

Stay tuned for more stories.  And please keep in touch!  Leave a comment below;  I love hearing from you!

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