November 8, 2016

Reading Alone, Reading Aloud, and Conference Prep

Today was the first day when students did free reading at the beginning of class.  It is so relaxing to watch them read, and the amazing thing is that simply by sitting back and watching them read I am actually doing the best teaching of the day.  As they read, they are figuring out so much about the  language – spelling, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and more.  They are each growing in their own way as I sit back and assess their observable reading engagement.  What a treat to see them finish book after book!  (They are really short at this point so each kid is reading a few per nine-minute FVR session.)

After that, we read aloud from a children’s book and then went to the library to prepare our portfolios for tomorrow’s conferences.

French One – Le Monde à l’envers
Spanish One – La Cabra Hambrienta
Part One
Part Two

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