November 3, 2016

Interpersonal Communication Assessment

Today I told the students we would be having our final assessment for the term, and it was the skill we have focused on the most in class – interpersonal communication.  I reminded the students that each day when I point to the Class Rules, that they are basically the standard for Interpersonal Communication.  So they know exactly what is expected in that regard.  I then told them a traditional tale – a Haitian folktale in French and an Aztec legend in Spanish.

Part One
Part Two

El Conejito en la Luna (Version One)
El Conejoto en la Luna (Version Two)
El Conejito en la Luna (Version Three)

For the assessment, I made a mark on the seating chart when a student was not communicating in the story/discussion.  But we all did quite well and most of them made As.

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