November 2, 2016

Reading Assessment

Today the students completed a reading assessment.  I made up stories for them that, in trying to make sure that the assessments are in alignment with my curriculum and instruction.  Therefore I read the story aloud since they are used to hearing the reading before seeing the text – usually in the form of a class-created story that we then write up as a class text.  I did not provide extralinguistic support beyond my voice intonation a I read.  I then had students retell the story in English as I learned from Dr. Beniko Mason.

Here is the text I provided to my first-year French class.

Below is one student’s (randomly selected) response.  I believe this shows an Advanced level of reading ability.  This was completed with no dictionary or support, just the text.

From ACTFL:  At the Advanced Low sublevel, readers are able to understand conventional narrative and descriptive texts with a clear underlying structure though their comprehension may be uneven. These texts predominantly contain high-frequency vocabulary and structures. Readers understand the main ideas and some supporting details. Comprehension may often derive primarily from situational and subject-matter knowledge. Readers at this level will be challenged to comprehend more complex texts.


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