October 28, 2016

Writing Portfolios

Conferences are coming up!  So we are making portfolios to show our parents what we can do.  Honestly, I have never done this before, but Claire Ensor suggested them last year to me, and so I an trying them now!  We did our first ten-minute writing last Friday and then number two was today!  It was beautiful watching the kids exult in their (mostly) large gains in fluency.

I think their work speaks for itself, so here it is!  At the bottom of their work you can see some writing we did as a class, because without writing and reading together, they would never acquire the ability to write, themselves, on their own, with nothing to refer to.

These samples were produced in ten minutes with not reference materials, mot even the walls because we were down in the library where there are no posters.

French One:


Spanish One:


Writing we did in class, to retell class-created stories, from French One (I do not have any recent Spanish to upload right now, sorry!):



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