October 27, 2016

J-Cat el Gato to the Rescue!

So, I have been having a difficult week emotionally.  At lunch today, I cried to a friend at school about my struggles, and I was all set to take my kids to the computer lab and do some Sr. Wooly to provide them with some interesting input based on high-frequency words and even common textbook chapters (Like, “No Voy a Levantarme” is obviously targeting reflexive verbs.) so I could just wipe my eyes in peace.

But then, with like two minutes left till sixth period, I was like, “NO!  If I believe in my teaching, and I am fighting for my teaching, then I should go TEACH!”  And teach I did.  I even filmed it.

Watching the video later, I realized one would never guess that just ten minutes before the film began to roll, I was in absolute tears in another classroom.  Because this way of teaching just BRINGS THE JOY.  The minute I said, “¡Hola clase!” and they responded “¡Hola Profe!” I just felt happy and calm and glad to be there, reveling in what I once read Ben call their “startlingly-creative ideas.”

This series of videos starts yesterday with a five-level story based on an Invisible that a student in class drew back in August.  Today it continues along with a review of the artists’ work and then we digressed into a discussion of kids in class and what number of cats they have.  Unfortunately, then we ran out of memory and so there is no video of the rest.



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