October 17, 2016

First Steps into Spanish CI!  Vive the Student Teacher!

In French One today, we let old Hargaden have a break after COFLT/WAFLT (tons of fun but hard on the system boy howdy!) and eased into the week with a little good old-fashioned translation.  We have been working on stories that I wrote up using vocab. from the textbook that they use at our feeder high school.  My students’ future classmates are currently working on the following, copied from a French colleague’s blog:

Today we learned more school related vocabulary. We learned how to conjugate ER verbs. Devoirs: Cahier d’activités page 19 exercice 1.

Oh no!  School-related vocabulary!  Ew!  I made readings that use the vocab from the books and we read two of them last week, using a Read and Discuss approach – read a sentence or two, maybe three, and talk about it in L2.

Today, I let them pick one of the stories and work by themselves to translate it.  I know, it was a punt.  Not the world’s greatest lesson plan.  But, you know what?  Sometimes we need to punt.  I eased back into teaching after a weekend of party time with fellow language teachers, and the kids did not suffer too much!  The surprising thing is that the new kids, seventh graders who had to join French 2 because of Band schedule conflicts, were able to, working alone, translate every word!  Wow!

In French Two, we created a One Word Image of a rather small ghost who is mean but anxious.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

In Spanish, Profe P led the creation of some One Word Images.

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