October 11, 2016

The Visitors are Coming!

Tomorrow we will have visitors, coming in a day ahead of the COFLT/WAFLT conference in Portland OR!  We feel so famous!  One of my videographers is literally shaking with the excitement of having out YouTube “fans” visit us in person!  Ben Slavic came up with the idea of a student videographer, and it is so amazing what that job is doing for my classes.  The seriousness with which the videographers, especially Alex, take their jobs, spills over to the whole class.  It makes our work feel more real, more modern, more social media and less dusty.  Dude, thanks Ben!  You the MAN.

Dr. Beniko Mason is coming all the way from Japan!  Kristen Wolfe is driving all the way from Montana!  Dave Ganahl is coming up from the Ben Slavic Suite (or is it the Carol Gaab Suite again?) in Corona, CA!  And Claire is coming out from Tennessee!

In the immortal words of Rebecca Black, We so excited!  We gonna have a ball today!  (Except it is going to be on Wednesday, not Friday, too bad!)

Today I worked to get the classes in different spots for the visitors, so they can see a variety of activities tomorrow.

In French Two, we are still working on pre-written stories, cause their energy is so low I just rather read and discuss instead of trying to get them to give me ideas.
Read and Discuss
There are some issues with bathroom breaks in this class.  We are working on these.

Spanish One – El Machete de Navidad y El Ewok (Five-Level Story)
Part One – Class Meeting
Part Two – Story
Part Three – Story

Student Actors with Faced Blurred



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