October 7, 2016

Word Chunk Team Game For the Win!!!

So, the WCTG is amazing.  It is fun, kids love it, and the kids who are the people who decide if the teams have their hands up first and who decide if the teams do their gestures in perfect synch LOVE it.  It is a powerful classroom management tool and a perfect reward for classes that are doing well during the week.  We aim to play it every other Friday.  We might just play it every Friday in May and June, by way of review.

Part One
Part Two

You will see us reviewing the rules and starting play.  You can even see an exciting 60-second round of Skee-Ball!  Where the points really rack up!

It is a great bonding experience as the teams do not change all year and the points accumulate till June.

For more information, check out Ben Slavic’s The Big CI Book.


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  1. jabuhl

    I know I have seen instructions for this activity somewhere. I don’t have the Big Book, but I have three other Ben books and the Easy Way. Will I find it there?


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