September 30, 2016

Kindergarten Day!  Yay!  #littlekidlife

Today was a shortened schedule due to an assembly.  Many times for a shortened schedule I will choose to do Kindergarten reading.  Today I read from a big book I created.  In French, Les Trois Petits Cochons.  In Spanish, Ricitos de Oro y los tres osos.

This video is from French One and this is from French Two.  I have the kids sit on the rug and always say the same thing, like a ritual to count them back in time to when they were little:  Ce n’est pas une classe de septième année, ni de sixième année, ni de cinquième année, ni de quatrième, ni troisième, ni deuxième, ni première, mais kindergarten.  Les élèves dans la classe n’ont pas 13 ans, ni 12, ni 11, ni dix, ni neif, ni huit, ni sept, mais cinq ans, six ans.  Vous êtes petits.

Key to Kindergarten reading, to me, more than the rug more than cookies and milk (which some teachers do) is creating the tone of little kid life.  So the countdown is, to me, key. And when I ask them questions and they respond, I use a “HOW CUTE!” tone of voice like a kindergarten teacher celebrating her students’ first forays into literacy.

Come to think of it, we SHOULD be celebrating with the kids each day.  They are making their first forays into L2 literacy!  Vive le jardin d’enfants!

I wish I had ones from Spanish One but my iPad got full of video.  Oh no oh no oh me oh my!!

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