September 27, 2016


In Spanish One, two classes have launched into stories.  In this video we are continuing a story that we started yesterday.  It is based on a One Word Image of a small box of fries, in which there are 25 yucky, enormous blue fries and one yummy fry names Señorita Yummy.  Of course the problem was that the other fries were jealous.  In this continuation of the story, which follows the seven levels of questioning established by Ben Slavic in his new book, we find out that there is one fry who tries to stop Srta. Yummy’s shine.

Part One
Part Two

In this video you will see students calling out in English and you might notice that I let that go, if it is related to the story.  Following Ben Slavic’s advice, which I have found over the last eight or so years, has never led me astray, I have changed my rules from “No English” to “Limit English” and I have begun to tolerate a little more English blurting as long as it is on-task.  Kids working with their own creations simply have more investment and therefore there seems to be a slight bit more English, but it is OK with me as long as it does not derail the story and it is on-task.  You will notice me walking over to the “One Person Talks” rule when the English seems to spread.  It is a fine line.

You will notice that I use a “close debate” signal with the class (spreading my arms) to let them know that we are about to get the final word from Profe Dos.  This, I have found, is of the utmost importance in helping the class contain its enthusiasm, or else the suggestions could go on literally all period.

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