September 20, 2016

Negotiating Meaning as a Class in L2!

We have arrived!  In fourth period today, I realized just how far the kids’ comprehension has come in a short time.  Three weeks into school, and we are able to get some quite-detailed class negotiation of meaning going.  In this video, we are creating a One Word Image (OWI) of a tiny brain with a long, white beard.  We are discussing if the long, white beard is “a beard LIKE Gandalf’s beard” or “the beard OF Gandalf”.

In seventh period, we did a OWI yesterday and created a piece of sushi named Juanita who has one red eye, a long grey beard, a short blue moustache.  Today, we reviewed the artists’ work from yesterday and then worked together to Write and Discuss, creating a class text of the character’s story.  The little side comments en español made my day when reviewing this video.

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