September 19, 2016

Class-Created Readings

Today in French 2, eighth grade, which is the second semester of the first year of high school, we read the story of Mr. Sketch that we told Thursday.  I was at acupuncture, so I typed the story up at home when I realized I would be absent.  Students worked together in class to read and translate the story.  I felt confident leaving them with a non-French-speaking sub to do this since the story was created by them in class and would be highly comprehensible to them as a reading.  Looking over their work the next day, they were able to translate the whole story with ease.  That is the power of using class-created readings!


Seventh graders – first-year, first semester Spanish and French, are not quite ready for stories yet.  We are still working on building One Word Images and I am fascinated by the engagement and creativity the students are showing, as well as by our collective love for the characters!  Unfortunately, we had some tech problems today and I was only able to take one video, and it is the end of a One-Word Image in which we created  Larry el Cerebro, a brain who is microscopic and, sadly for a brain, not very intelligent.



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