Nobody Expects the Spanish Acquisition! You have been warned.

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Upcoming CI Workshops

Upcoming Conferences:
Comprehensible Midwest:  September 30, 2017 Ripon, WI
COFLT:  October 13-14 Eugene, OR

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CI Liftoff Facebook group
:  Join a growing community of positive, supportive, nonjudgemental, growth-oriented educators interested in moving our instruction towards “Pure Comprehensible Input” each in our own way…

CI Liftoff YouTube channel :  Videos and playlists of ALL my videos from the school year

movie-talk-coflt-october-2016:  Erik Olsen’s MovieTalk Power Point from COFLT/WAFLT

Ben Slavic’s Blog, an Online PLC

Past Conferences:
COFLT Conference October 14-15, 2016
WAFLT Spring Regionals:  Eastern and Western Washington, March and April 2017
CI in the Mitten April 20, 2017
Comprehensible Iowa June 10, 2017
Cascadia CI Conference in Portland, Oregon June 28-30, 2017
Express Fluency Teacher Training in Brattleboro, Vermont August 6-10, 2017